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What do BDC reps look at when they receive an internet lead?

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 30, 2018 12:22:50 PM / by Alondra Diaz

Alondra Diaz

Key Takeaways for Fast Consumption:

  • All leads are not treated equally. To mystery shop accurately you must match your persona to lead quality level you are shopping
  • Employees size up leads (mystery shops) based on the reasonability of their contact information and questions

Creating a persona that is believable to the shop recipient is critical to garnering proper measurement of typical behaviors, skillsets and response times. In a nutshell, if you want to sample reality, you have to invest in emulating reality. When internet leads come in, BDC employees tend to connect the dots. They review every detail of the lead submission and give it a reasonability test as to if it is a “good lead” or not.  While reviewing the lead for quality, tenured employees may spot mystery shop leads and work them as they work what them deem as lower qualified leads. Here is a 50 point persona test based on what BDC reps look at in their leads:

  • Name:
    • 10 Points   First and Last Name
    • 5 Points            First Name Only
    • 0 Points            No Name Provided
  • Address
    • 10 Points   Valid address within 10 miles of the store
    • 5 Points            Valid address
    • 0 Points            Invalid address
  • Email
    • 10 Points   Popular Email Domains, e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Mymailposts, u2meemail
    • 5 Points            Business / Other Domains, e.g.
    • 0 Points            False Email Domain; e.g.
  • Phone
    • 10 Points   Valid phone number within the same area code / state as store
    • 5 Points            Valid phone number
    • 0 Points            No phone number
  • Question
    • 10 Points   Primary question about availability with secondary question
    • 5 Points            Primary question only 
    • 0 Points            No question


FastMSP has done the research and tapped into many databases to create personas on demand that receive the highest scores possible from BDC reps. If you are in a position where you must create your own personas, be sure they score 50 points in the above persona test.





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Alondra Diaz

Written by Alondra Diaz

Alondra is our resident customer experience expert with a passion for helping mystery shopping providers excel at their game.