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Tools To Evolve The Mystery Shopper Hiring Process

[fa icon="calendar"] May 30, 2018 2:17:42 PM / by Alondra Diaz

Alondra Diaz

The Technology Shark Swallows Mystery Shopping … or Does He?

Each day new techniques to collect data are being introduced because of great technology.

In an age where Alexa memorizes our grocery lists and Cortana reminds us about every meeting and appointment, it’s becoming more challenging to execute anything that requires painstaking processes or numerous details.

Mystery shopping companies go through huge and expensive efforts to recruit and hire shoppers. Despite advanced technologies that make it easier to find the right demographics, pair assignments with eligible shoppers, and easily submit assignments through apps, there’s still a human element which means the process is subject to failures. When an assignment is filled and shoppers complete their mystery shop, they need to recall and report on very specific details and even with the evolution of mobile mystery shopping and ability to record in real time, there are still fail points.


Social media makes it easier than ever to collect feedback from your customers, so why continue the laborious task of mystery shopping when there’s so much free customer feedback out there? Any kind of customer feedback is important, and businesses should collect as much as possible but there are some types of feedback that your clients can’t get from a customer or someone who isn’t paid to assess a business.

  • Mystery shopping provides a view of the complete customer experience verses only sporadic points. Service doesn’t happen in a bubble and business decisions shouldn’t be based on single touchpoints
  • Customers that volunteer feedback are usually a promoter of a business, or a detractor. “Middle of the road” customers typically aren’t those who share experiences on social media, yet they are most customers
  • You can’t always get feedback from customers on specific areas that are important, perhaps there’s a need to evaluate a new product, department, or specific shift times

The reality is that the future of mystery shopping is bright and ever-changing, use technology to help you evolve your processes, reduce the number of shoppers you need, and make it easy for you to serve your clients. FastMSP is a software system with breakthrough technology that saves time and money.


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Alondra Diaz

Written by Alondra Diaz

Alondra is our resident customer experience expert with a passion for helping mystery shopping providers excel at their game.