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Save Time and Money by Automatically Generating Mystery Shopping Profiles

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 22, 2018 11:05:44 AM / by Alondra Diaz

Alondra Diaz

Key Takeaways for Fast Consumption:

  • Sasha, a mystery shopper scheduler, must quickly find the people she needs to fill all of the shops for her clients. 
  • A solution that allows Sasha's best shoppers to create multiple mystery shopping personas reduces then number of new people she needs to fill the job. 
  • Now one shopper can perform multiple phone interactions using unique shopper profiles with valid contact information and Sasha can get more done, while saving costs.   

 Save Time and Money Mystery Shopping with Persona Generator

A big part of Sasha's job is finding shoppers to do all of her mystery shops. Traditionally shoppers could only do one phone or web inquiry shop at an organization because their contact information would get entered into client's CRM system. This, of course, results in their identities no longer being “secret” for the next inquiry. 

Professional shoppers using their handful of email addresses are essentially ‘one and done’ which provides a unique challenge when mystery shopping for an organization with multiple locations sharing a CRM system. It is also challenging to come up with unique and valid contact information when a location is shopped monthly or multiple times per month.

There is a solution to alleviate this problem; it's called a persona generator.  This tool allows Sasha to create multiple identities for one shopper to use at the same location. These identities include a valid email, local address and text enabled phone number. Mystery shopping campaigns that schedule multiple same store shops each month for a year can now be completed by one person and infinite shopping personas. 

The best persona phone numbers offer personalized voicemail greetings for an extra touch of authenticity. And all calls can be recorded and converted from speech to text for easy insertion into mystery shop reporting. 

With a persona maker, Sasha can assign her best shopper 50 shops to complete and those shops will likely be done before a shopper performing this task manually gets started shopping.  Lower setup time and effort equals greater shopping return on investment. 

Sasha can even do the shops herself.

Time is of the essence to Sasha, but it's not the only thing she's worried about. She also has a budget to consider with a focus on the cost of recruiting and paying shoppers.  Using the persona generator can reduce these costs. 

  • No more posting on multiple shopper boards
  • Minimize the time reviewing instructions over and over to new shoppers
  • Spend less time quality checking

With her persona generator, Sasha is meeting her clients' deadlines,  optimizing the use of her best shoppers, and saving money in the process.


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Alondra Diaz

Written by Alondra Diaz

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