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FastMSP: What’s in a Name?

[fa icon="calendar"] May 18, 2016 10:49:42 AM / by Mark Hollister

Mark Hollister

Key takeaways for fast consumption:

  • FastMSP is a software system with breakthrough technology that saves time and money.
  • Use our persona generator to quickly get unlimited unique local aliases to make mystery shopping fast and easy.
  • Monitor real customer interactions, act on missed opportunities and coach employees in near real-time. 

FastMSP: What’s in a Name? |

Welcome to the FastMSP blog. 

FastMSP is an all-in-one software platform to evaluate and improve the customer experience through mystery shopping and monitoring real customer interactions.


You might be wondering, “Why did you call yourselves, FastMSP?”

FastMSP is the perfect fit for mystery shopping providers (MSP’s), trainers, and any business that wants deeper insight into their customer’s experience - and doesn’t want to wait long to get it. It’s a system for users who don’t like to stand still. In an industry where speed is as critical as accuracy and quality, mystery shoppers use FastMSP for solutions.


How does FastMSP improve customer experience?

When customers visit your website, call your business, visit your location, have interactions with your employees, purchase and use your goods or services, they are having an experience with your company. It is through these experiences that customers make up their minds about whether they like and want to continue doing business with you.

Customers tell your story every day and FastMSP wants to positively influence what they say, so we make it possible for you to get a lot of feedback about your customer’s experience in a short amount of time. Use our Persona Generator to quickly get unlimited unique local aliases to make mystery shopping fast and easy. Use RealShops to monitor actual customer interactions, act on missed opportunities and coach employees in near real-time. Both products, RealShops and Persona Generator for mystery shopping can be used together or stand alone.

Technology meets development.

Our software technology is pretty amazing; you’ll also find that our support and development tools are pretty awesome too. Use Optiform check to grade your mystery shopping form or get everything you need to create a new one. We've got you covered with: 

  • A question bank
  • Templates certified by form experts
  • Feedback on your existing form

Delve deeper into employee development by adding an Employee Dashboard to your program. The Employee Dashboard is the only metric you need to measure and improve your team’s performance. Data is used to provide targeted training to address each employee’s individual needs in areas that are important to your success.


FastMSP is in the business of providing our users with solutions that will save time and make them more successful. Whether you’re a DIY fan or prefer a more turnkey solution, we’ve got you covered. From simple to sophisticated, FastMSP offers services for all shapes and sizes.

Get started today with our free guide to launching a mystery shopping the right way in "Measure What Matters" 

Measure What Matters


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Mark Hollister

Written by Mark Hollister

Mark Hollister has spent over a decade in the customer experience industry, promoting, developing, and executing service improvement strategies for organizations. He has lead sales teams, implemented national training and service development programs, managed marketing initiatives, and consulted with hundreds of companies spanning multiple industry segments on customer experience concepts.