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Save Time and Money with Persona Generator

When you need a constant stream of new mystery shoppers, this is your tool! We generate as many unique aliases as you need, each one complete with name, valid local address near the location you’re shopping, email address, and local phone number. It’s the perfect solution for adding more “shoppers” without adding more costs.


Measure True Customer Experience with RealShops

If your phone process is any indicator of your success, conduct RealShops to catch missed opportunities with customers on the phone! FastMSP records all of your incoming phone calls and scores them against your standards. The data reveals the true impact employee performance has on your customer interactions and gives you the essential metrics to reinforce or fix it.

The persona generator makes the process of filling shops seamless! We simply enter the location to be shopped and in return get a unique alias complete with a name, valid local address, and a local phone number to use when conducting the shop, within seconds. This feature saves time and money because you don’t need to find individual shoppers, you simply just generate multiple personas.

David Kain Kain Automotive

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David Kain -- President Kain Automotive

Create Better Mystery Shopping Forms with Optiform

If you want to collect data that is actionable for your client, Optiform is for you! Optiform grades your existing mystery shopping form or gives you everything you need to make a new one. Question banks, templates certified by form experts, feedback on your existing form, we've got you covered. And the best part is, it’s free.


Improve Employee Performance Through Effective Coaching

If you want training that employees don’t find boring, a time burden for managers or a budget concern for organizations, consider our training package! It includes a live session to develop managers to become more effective coaches along with a customized video series that reinforces performance standards for employees.

We’ve recently started conducting RealShops with FastMSP and they took the time to assist us with redeveloping our mystery shopping form so that it would measure behaviors that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and remain concise enough to ensure that each question is relevant and actionable. The Employee Dashboard is a great way to track individual metrics and provides each Agent with their own personal roadmap and necessary tools to improve performance. The FastMSP team is responsive, efficient and offer a level of expertise to their clients that’s unparalleled in the mystery shopping industry.

Ken Bartz Monster Lead Group

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Ken Bartz